Goat Frenzy

If you’ve ever been inside a goat frenzy, you know to extricate yourself — and FAST. The following pictures show just how forceful a herd of goats can control of a situation.

Bentley, the horse, and I didn’t have a chance. We were out muscled. Each goat weights more than 140 pounds; multiply that by nine or ten goats then you’ll know how much muscle controlled this frenzy. This ‘herd’ clearly out-weighted us.

It all began when I fed Bentley. One goat, Sherry Red, stuck her head in his bucket. Usually I can retrieve the feed bucket with a little bit of effort; but, not this time. She was determined to get that grain; I couldn’t budge her. In a heart beat e-v-e-r-y goat ran to the bucket. Their cumulative herd-think clicked in and they owned that bucket.

Silly me, I FINALLY let go. There was no way I could get that bucket. So, I grabbed my phone camera and clicked away.

Normally Bentley can control his feed but not today. His size meant nothing to the ‘ladies’. Mine either. Sigh … .

Don’t worry about the goats being too slim or mistreated. They get plenty of food; you can see how fat they are. Besides, I’m with them every day. My mistake was feeding Bentley first instead of them.  Lesson learned.

Oh yes, Bentley eventually got his feed. That horse is well cared for. Me? I wear steel toed shoes. HA


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