Combing Out the Rats!

Sweet Sunny has an incredibly thick mane. In fact, his coat is so thick that my shedding blade only scratches the surface. Although it does help break up mud clots. It doesn't help that he LOVES rolling in mud, which includes more than dirt, if you get my drift. Yep, it's laden with horse manure. …

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The sauna is working very well.

You just gotta love this humidity. That's why I look forward to cleaning the barn every morning. Morning is the ONLY time it could be cleaned because it's the coolest time of day. Apparently I'm the only critter out there who suffers. We have two very large fans, ceiling fans, and a gentle breeze flowing …

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Just returned from my morning exercise

My morning activities begin around 7:30 a.m., just like most businesses. The big barn houses our does and kids. Actually, the big barn is where the babies are born and kept until they're about three months old. With so many critters in there and the surrounding pastures, it's a challenge to keep it clean and …

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