Meet Bentley and Sunny

Bentley and Sunny

Did I mention that we have on-site therapists? Permit me to introduce Sunny (palomino) and Bentley (black). Bentley has been with us since about 2010 and Sunny has been here since about 2015. Both are Tennessee Walking Horses (TWH) and are, for the most part, inseparable or are, at the most, about five or six feet from each other every day.

The cover photo is of Bentley and Lorch was taken in 2011. We got Lorch around 2011 but unfortunately, he passed away suddenly in 2015; it was a shock to all of us; but Bentley was the most upset. At first I put a few goats in with him, thinking they would all bond and be more comfortable. That didn’t work. The goats were terrified of him. So, Bob and I started looking for another horse — for our horse Bentley.

I checked with our local horse rescue (USERL) to see if they had any Walkers but they didn’t. Bob and I are in our seventy’s and novice riders; we like the smooth ride of Walkers.

One day our vet (Dr. Broadaway with Rocky River Large Animal Hospital) was here checking on our goats when I asked him if he knew of any TWHs for sale. Luckily, he did. We found Sunny with a family about fifteen minutes away from us and were delighted that we had a veterinarian in common. After we bought Sunny his former owner signed over all his historical medical records to our name. We really appreciated the full disclosure. They even delivered him so they could see where he would be living. Sooooooo, with all this said, Sunny is actually Bentley’s horse!

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