Goat Milk Bath and Beauty at Badin Festival

Festival season is always my favorite time of year. We attend as many local events as we can because they are so much fun. I get to meet you and talk with you about your skin care needs; and thankfully, many of you share your beauty care regimes with me. Skin care is important to …

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Breeding Season Approaches

It's that time of year again. Breeding Season! I know this without looking at a calendar. The bucks are pacing up and down the fence line, peeing on their faces, and grunting with an exaggeration you hear only this time of year. The does, on the other hand, aren't helping. They're wailing like cry babies, …

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Cheesemaking with Goat Milk

With so much milk in our freezers, I've turned to making cheese batches everyday. One or two gallons of milk yields about 1.5 pounds of cheese, sorta maybe. Wanna guess what our friends and family will be getting for Christmas? Didn't think so. So far I've made soft or cherve-type cheeses. Some have pepper, some …

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