Imported Posts

November 21, 2018 I imported these posts from Nubian Dairy Goats Living at Sleeping Dog Ranch to consolidate all my sites onto WordPress as well as reduce the number of blogs. I've been writing blogs since we moved to Stanly County  in 2000 and have wayyyyyyyy too many to keep up with. I didn't want …

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What does this picture say to you?

It may look innocent enough but it's a real trouble maker. See that little tan guy behind the black one? He was the first goat I saw as drove by the front pasture on March 14, 2013 (I'll tell you why the date is significant in a minute.) He was grazing in the front pasture, …

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Brooks and Natalie are together

Natalie and Brooks are pets -- not just goats. They're together because Natalie has been sold and her new owner wants her bred before she moves to her new home. Normally I wouldn't do this but Natalie's new family is well versed in goats and knowledgeable with goat birthing. I'm comfortable that Natalie will be …

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