Combing Out the Rats!

Before Sunny’s mane when he had loads of rats.

Sweet Sunny has an incredibly thick mane. In fact, his coat is so thick that my shedding blade only scratches the surface. Although it does help break up mud clots. It doesn’t help that he LOVES rolling in mud, which includes more than dirt, if you get my drift. Yep, it’s laden with horse manure. Is this normal for a horse? The more poop, the better. Ugh … .

The finishig brush is a joke but the mane and tail brush does the job; not what it was designed for but it gets the job done. Actually, it’s one of my brushes from when I had long hair. Hey, use the tools that work! Right?

After his mane had been combed some time later.

Detanler goes on first, then I wait for two or three minutes. Not long though, because when the food/hay is gone, so is he. He’s patient as long as there’s food. I this normal for a horse?

The first picture is before any rats were combed out. The second photo is after the rats were gone, taken about a week later. Try as I might, he was not going to let me do this in one setting. But, that’s OK because my arms got tired after a while anyway. He’s a wiggler, too. Alway looking around at the slightest noise.

Now all I gotta do is keep it this way. Clearly I’m going to be using loads of conditioner. I’m open for suggestions from other horse humans. What do you do?

Bentley after all his mane rats were gone.

On the other hand, Bentley is an angel. He’s my rock who loves being brushed. Most of the time, he goes to sleep while I’m working on him. His rats are harder to see but, yes, they’re all gone, too.

He’s my wooley mamoth, with his winter coat just now beginning to shed. The shedding comb works well on him and I’m a magnet for horse hairs; in my ears, mouth, eyes, and definately my clothes. Everything about me is hairy after brushing these two gentemen. But, you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. These guys are family.

It feels good to finally have the time and energy to play with my critters. My volunteer hours had grown too much and I was ignoring my family. That’ a no no. Since I’ve stepped back from so much volunteer work, I’ve managed to get caught up on several unfinished projects around here. Taking care of the Sleeping Dog Ranch is what we’re all about. It’s called our Executive Exercise Program.


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