Merry Christmas to our goats

At long last we are able to move round bales. Santa bought me a hay spear! Thanks, Santa!!!

We’re been needing one for a long time. The hay situation is not necessarily good. Our long-time previous supplier got out of the hay business and we’ve been looking for a new supplier for months. Square bales are too time consuming to make/move with little profit margin. Round bales are huge, weigh between 1,000 to 1,200 pounds and are impossible to physically move. But there’s more to hay than simply finding a supplier; we needed to find a supplier who would deliver the bales to our ranch.

Well, after months of hand ringing and fretting about needing hay, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a hay spike. That way we could at least move the hay once it was delivered.

Long story short: Our spike was delivered on Friday, round bales were delivered Saturday and I was able to take all five off the trailer, and put them exactly where I wanted them. Ahhhhhh … relief at last.

Our goats and horses now have their Christmas presents. Plenty of beautiful hay at their beckon call 24/7. I no longer have to haul hay to the front barn.

Did I mention that it’s fun moving the huge bales? It’s fun moving these huge bales. LOLOLOL


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