What does this picture say to you?

It may look innocent enough but it’s a real trouble maker. See that little tan guy behind the black one? He was the first goat I saw as drove by the front pasture on March 14, 2013 (I’ll tell you why the date is significant in a minute.) He was grazing in the front pasture, with not a care in the world. Then I noticed the little black boy grazing closer to the barn (he’s the one coming through the gate). The third little boy is my problem child, Big Red (not pictured), started walking toward the van as I slowed down to make sure I was seeing things correctly. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny with plenty of green grass. Earlier that week I had opened a new paddock so the tall grass mixed with crimson clover was calling them to come graze. It must have been delicious.Sigh … .

We’ll know if we have any baby goats in 155 days. You see, all three of these little darling boys are intact males.

All three of these little darlings were grazing, minding their own business, not a care in the world … very relaxed, intermingling with the girls. I have no idea how long they’ve been in the girls pasture with the girls, with the girls, with the girls, with the girls.

A little bit of good news is that the boys are still young and may not be interested in the girls (I’m dreaming, yes I know). On the other hand, couple that with the fact that it’s early spring and the days are getting longer, or at least starting to get longer; that means that the girls may no longer be in season (I’m pushing this dream, aren’t I?). Anyway, it’s my dream.  We really don’t want any more babies at this time. Sigh … .

Like I said, we’ll know in 155 days if we’re going to have any baby goats. In the meantime, for the next 155 days I’ll be on the look out for girls who are putting on more weight than they should be. I’ll let you know.

The big white furry guy in the foreground has been a wether (neutered) since he was five days old. Lester is a sweetheart yet harmless to the girls.

By the way, the gate has been fixed to where no one can ever ever open it again unless they have thumbs and a key. Husband and I are the only two out here that fit that bill.


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