Brooks and Natalie are together

Natalie and Brooks are pets — not just goats. They’re together because Natalie has been sold and her new owner wants her bred before she moves to her new home. Normally I wouldn’t do this but Natalie’s new family is well versed in goats and knowledgeable with goat birthing. I’m comfortable that Natalie will be well cared for during her delivery and in the future.

I don’t sell goats; I place them in good homes.

Here are a few photos of the twosome:

Brooks hasn’t been with a lady before. It looks like he’s asking what to do.


As any good mom would say, follow your instincts.


He and Natalie are getting acquainted.
Yup, getting acquainted.
He’s getting the idea.


THAT’s my boy.
Isn’t he wonderful. Natalie likes him, too. She isn’t running away. THAT’s my girl.

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