Goats Trimming Willow Tree

This willow tree was planted long before the fences were built. Naturally, it’s in the wrong place but we really don’t want to cut it down.

Unfortunately, it gets too willowy for us to use the gate so we need to trim it often. This year I decided to let our goats do the work for us. Why should I do all the work then toss the limbs over the fence to them.

My son, Don, and I made a temporary fence around the willow to the goats could come and go at their pleasure. This time we let the ladies do the work. Since we have about 25 of them, they made short work of the willow then napped for the rest of the afternoon.

Here are a few photos of their efforts:

They made the tree trimming so EZ for us. I’m thinking of how to get them in the new garden. It’s full of weeds.


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