Getting back into the swing of things

I moved a few goats around yesterday. Two particular doelings are too thin so I put them in the back barn so I can watch them more closely. Besides (our horse), there are fewer goats back there so they’ll not be pushed back from the hay stack.

The two transferees, Natalie and Ginger,  haven’t met Bentley yet so they’ll be uncomfortable around him for a couple of days. He’s super gentle with the goats so I’m not concerned about him stepping on them.

The farrier comes tomorrow to care for his hooves. I haven’t been able to pick up his feet to clean them out; guess they’re full of mud because he’s been stomping his feet. But then again, the flies have arrived and naturally they get on his legs. Poor baby.

I made the time to brush him today. I’m not sure which one of us enjoys it the most. Being solid black, he get’s hot in the sun. I can see why he enjoys rolling in the mud so much. It probably cools him off.

More later, pat


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