More Gardening with Goats

Research has taught me which foods are cancer-friendly so the family will be eating those foods more frequently. We're a busy family so everyone needs to eat the same thing as everyone else. Or else fix it yourself. 🙂  I"ll also be using Dr. Andrew Weil's cookbook The Healthy Kitchen. His philosophy fits within my …

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Goats Trimming Willow Tree

This willow tree was planted long before the fences were built. Naturally, it's in the wrong place but we really don't want to cut it down. Unfortunately, it gets too willowy for us to use the gate so we need to trim it often. This year I decided to let our goats do the work …

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Getting back into the swing of things

I moved a few goats around yesterday. Two particular doelings are too thin so I put them in the back barn so I can watch them more closely. Besides (our horse), there are fewer goats back there so they'll not be pushed back from the hay stack. The two transferees, Natalie and Ginger,  haven't met …

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