We’re all making tracks in the ice

This snow/ice storm is taxing on everyone, including me and Bob.  Sigh … just like everyone else in this storm. We’re thankful that our families are warm, safe, and comfortable.

But the babies will be warmer in the back barn. It has smaller stalls for critters that need more attention. THEY may not want the attention but they’re going to get it anyway. Most everyone gets a Red Cell/Power Punch cocktail everyday along with free feed hay and feed laced with Deccox for coccidia. It pains me to lose because of these parasites.

But earlier that day before we moved a few of the ladies to the back, they were faced with a dilemma. No one had a path to their hay feeders. All the pastures were iced over. The little boys were slipping and sliding across the ice, not being heavy enough to break through. The larger boys, on the other hand, were are to break through the ice and make a few tracks to the hay. Those little guys were all over what to do then. I love watching them learn from each other. Goats are quick studies.

Husband Bob went to Bucky’s pen to help out those goats by making tracks to their hay.when he noticed that the little girl goats in the next pen were watching him. Once they ‘got it’ that they had to break through the ice, they marched right over to their hay in their own path. These goats are so much fun.

But later that afternoon we noticed that the cold was getting to a few of them. Those are the goats that are now in the back barn. Everyone is looking better after only one night. We’re thankful that we have enough shelter, hay, feed, water, and minerals for everyone.

We’re ALL looking forward to melting ice, and the mud. Oh, yes, the mud. goodie …


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