More snow! Mother Nature WHAT are you thinking

Is this snow/freezing weather gonna kill pasture bugs? If yes, then OK, I’ll ‘happily’ deal with it. BUT if not, then I’m not gonna be happy. I know you don’t care, and you’re gonna do what you want anyway. But I’d like to think there’s a good reason for this snow/freezing weather.

We have put heat lamps in the goat barns and have just given them plenty of fresh hay and water. So they’re secure. That silly horse still goes outside at times. We just brushed the dried mud off him yesterday. Hopefully, he won’t roll in the snow. Stupid he’s not but a horse he is.

We love living with this guy. The Husband and I have wanted horses since 1994 so we have tons of catching up to do.

When we first got him, he stayed outside for the longest time. His previous home didn’t have a barn for him, so I’m thinking he was used to being outside. But when he did get comfortable inside, he stayed inside — especially during the summer. We have 4 foot fans blowing into the common area. Silly horse, he’d put his face in the strongest wind then stand there for the longest time. He’s a hoot.

OK, I’ve thawed out now. I’m feeling better. Should I mention, Mother Nature, that it’s still snowing. Sigh … . Thank you for the fresh, clean snow. I’ll shovel that into the goat water buckets so they’ll have clean drinking water. Their buckets are heated so it doesn’t take too long for it to melt.

Thinking of you fondly,
GaNann of goats (aka Pat Allen)


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