The sauna is working very well.

You just gotta love this humidity. That’s why I look forward to cleaning the barn every morning. Morning is the ONLY time it could be cleaned because it’s the coolest time of day. Apparently I’m the only critter out there who suffers.

We have two very large fans, ceiling fans, and a gentle breeze flowing through the barn most of the time. I can always tell when it’s cooler in the barn than outside. No one is in the pasture. ALL the critters are not only in the barn but they’re in front of the fans.

A site to see is Bentley, our horse, with his nose in the biggest fan. Watching the air flow through his thick main makes me smile. Our vet told me how spoiled he was. One of these days I’ll send her a picture of him with his nose in the fan. THAT’s  spoiled horse. That’s OK. he’s worth it.

He’s not suffering the heat. Today is Gatorade day. Gotta keep the critters hydrated. Everybody enjoys Gatorade.

gotta go,


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