Little Man moves in

Meet Little Man. He’s our new horse and will be moving in Friday, March 26th.

Bob and I have wanted horses for several years but never found the time nor the right horse. That is until … Monday. Jordan, my goat-helping-angel, mentioned that Little Man was for sale, thank you very much. The voice inside my head screamed, “Little Man! For sale!”

I remembered that husband Bob had ridden Little Man, a TWH, a while back during a visit with our vet Amy and her family. Bob and Amy rode her horses in a nearby field while the rest of us stayed in the shade.

Following his ride on Little Man, Bob was aglow for days, babbling about how smooth the Walker’s ride was. He had fallen in love with his smooth ride. We had to get this horse before anyone else did.

I immediately called Bob to tell him that Little Man was for sale. I didn’t know the facts yet but would keep him in informed. Then I talked to Amy about LM. She confirmed that he was for sale and told me the price. Without hesitation I said, “Fine, I’ll take him.” She asked if I was serious. “Well, of course. Does this price include delivery?”

She said that she could have him ready by Friday, if I could wait that long. Hey, it’s better she come to closure by preparing him, than me rushing in. “Fine,” I said. After all, health checks and current records are important.

Minutes later I called Bob back to let him know that LM would be delivered sometime Friday. Wonderful, we had wanted horses for so long, now we were getting one that we had been introduced to. Another dream is coming true.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress. We have much to learn and Little Man is the horse who can do it.


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