Check out the view

Welcome to the arbor view. Getting the arbor up took a few years but it’s there now and we love it. Isn’t it nice when visions pan out.

I bought it about four years ago and had visions if it on the north side of the house. This side of the house is extremely windy so without exception every time we’d put it up, a wind would knock it down and into pieces. I got tired of rebuilding it so it just sat for a while.

Well, one thing lead to another … rust set in just a weeeeee bit and the iron rods started warping. Sigh … .

Welding it together was one answer and anchoring it was the other solution. Terrific! All I wanted to do is have a nice arbor leading to the secret garden. Now I’ve got a bigger project.

You can hardly see the welding spots and the crooked lines make it look more Art Nouveau-ish

We have so many projects out here it’s hard to keep up with them. At least we were smart enough to not put a time line to all our projects. After all, the goats and soaps come first.


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