Freezing temperatures, internal parasites, and our goats

For the most part goats handle freezing temperatures quite well. That is, if they have shelter, food, water, and are healthy. Our focus for the past several months has been to boost their immune system, reduce their internal parasites as much as possible, and put a bit of weight on them for added insulation. Next we added a few heat lamps and several large dog houses so they could huddle together and keep each other warm.

So far they look fine. Our efforts are paying off. BUT … winter is just beginning. We have to keep up these businesses practices throughout the winter so MAYBE we won’t lose any body this winter.

We lost two breeding bucks last winter. Both had internal parasites and lost their battle against the winter weather. Coccidia and Barber Pole parasites have been our main killers so far. Maybe … just maybe, we’ll win this battle this season. I’ll keep you posted.


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