Mama Minnie and Baby Lester

Meet Minnie and her first born, Lester. She came to us when she was about 8 months old because her previous owner didn’t want her to get pregnant. Well, surprise of surprises, she delivered Lester about four months later.
Minnie is a purebred Nubian (a dairy goat) but his father is a Boer (a meat goat). That makes Lester a Boer/Nubian cross. I remember waking up one morning noticing ‘something white’ in Minnie’s pen. Mr. Wonderful was hours old, but already on his feet.
This photo is of Lester taking in his new world as he takes his first steps out of his birth-hut.

Since this was Minnie’s first delivery, she wasn’t too sure what this little white thing was.

The look on her face told me that she was still thinking about it. If I were in her place, I’d wonder, too. Ladies, think about it. We know what’s happening. Minnie didn’t. How you explain the concept of pregnancy, or babies, or birth pains to a goat?

Lady Minnie has had several kids since Lester. She has become so versed in how to push those kids out that her most recent baby went flying about six inches. She has never needed help during her deliveries. She in complete control.

Other dams have needed my assistance, though. I’ve learned how to be a mid-sife with Minnie’s help. She’s as good at teaching me as she is in raising babies.

Thanks Minnie.

The Lester Lessons are worthy of an article alllll on its on. More later …

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