Goats first taste of tree branches

Last week we trimmed a few plants back to manageable sizes. It’s been a while since we’ve worked on the landscaping so we had bazillions of ‘left-overs’. Not wanting to toss the plants aside, we fed them to our baby goats.

They’re amazing. They are so curious and cautious it took them longer to decide whether to approach the strange plants than it did to eat them. Contrary to the rumors, goats do NOT eat everything. They TASTE everything because that’s how they sense their world. But it’s been our experience that they are picky eaters.

After a very slow approach, the oldest goat in the group (Johnny) took the first sniff. Ashley stepped up slowly and tasted one leaf. OK. Got it. Decision made … everyone was in on the treat. Needless to say they devoured all the plant trimmings.

We did make sure that these plants weren’t toxic. Actually, we don’t grow ANY toxic plants on our property. This way we can toss all our garden trimming waste to the goats.

How ‘green’ is that?



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