Goat Advertising for Local Parade

Lester, Lester, Lester what has Jordon done to you? This picture is priceless because if anyone is a bully, it’s Lester. He soooooooo deserves this treatment.

I say this with affection because Lester was our FIRST little surprise. We got his mama, Minnie, because she was little and her previous owner didn’t want her to get pregnant. Little did we know that she would deliver a little gift.

Minnie was our first doe who taught us how to care for goats; the deworming, the feeding dry matter versus grain, coccidia, parasites, hoof trimming … all those things. She’s my best goat friend.

One morning I looked out in her pen, as I usually do every day, when I noticed ‘something white’ in her pen with her. I ran out to the front pasture, in jammies of course, and found this little bundle of joy. Oh yes, we have pictures of himself. Tons and tons of pictures. He was our first goat baby. Of course, we have pictures.

Lester is almost six now and still growing. He’s up to over two-hundred pounds and owns the pasture. Being a boer-nubian mix, he has an extremely thick coat that we shear every spring. Otherwise, he’d fry in the summer months. Actually, we shear all the goats for this reason. It’s just HOT here in North Carolina.

Any way, Jordan was feeling fiesty, as usual, when she got a bit goat-creative. All for the good because her designs inspired me to offer advertising to a few local merchants for a parade. It didn’t sell because they wanted ME to walk him in the three-mile up-hill-down-hill parade. ah … no thanks.

Apparently we need to re-think this concept. Once we get the bugs out of our Lester Advertising program, I’ll let you know more about it. Who knows, you might want to advertise on Lester one of these day. 🙂


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