Barn activities continue …

Sure we have enough milk (freezers are full). The goats are delivering milk faster than I can make soaps and lotions. But we just can’t stop milking them. We want our does to develop thoroughly. Our goal is develop the best goats we can. By best I also mean healthiest.

The first picture is Jordan giving Minnie a bath. After Minnie is dry she’ll be sheared for the summer. It gets HOT here in North Carolina. Ah, while Minnie is on the stanchion Jordan will retrieve a bit of fecal matter for testing. Jordan has really gotten good and fast in that retrieval.

We employ the FAMACHA technique and guage eye color weekly. We conduct our own fecal tests, do the math, and record the data.

Moving data from Excel to Access will further help us manage our herd better. It’s amazing how much better goats look and feel when they’re parasite free.

The other pictures of of Ashley catching babies for their fecal testing. Here Ashley is holding Natalie following her fecal contribution.

The third picture is of Natalie following Ashley to the feed bin. No stress here. We’re very gentle with our goats. All of them.

If you’re interested in a baby Nubian, let me know. Many yearling does are for sale.


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